Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sock it to me

These little socks by Trumpette Baby are perhaps my favorite thing that I have bought for Bryn. They look like little Mary Jane shoes. I get so many compliments from people when she wears them. She has every color to go with every outfit. (They also have ballerina socks.) A great gift idea for your baby or someone you know. You're never too young to be a fashionista!


  1. Rhys needs a little sister. And I will then need a bigger bank account.

  2. Too cute! If I do have a little girl this is a must... but I so already have a niece with a first birthday coming up!!! Great Idea thanks!!

  3. I JUST found these online a week or so ago and immediately kept thinking, "Who do I know that is having a baby girl, who do I know that is having a baby girl."

    SO cute.


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