Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sleeping with the fishes

These were our fish, Tiki and Ronde (after the football players). They were my boy's fish. My little one, Logan was three at the time. He loved these fish. So much so that he wanted to sleep with them, literally.
My husband was out of town and I had just put the boys to bed. I went to bed after them and was watching TV. I thought I heard something so I got out of bed and went into the kitchen only to find fish food EVERYWHERE! The fish tank was so filled with food that I couldn't see the fish. So as I began cleaning the tank, I realized that the fish weren't in there. I looked everywhere in the kitchen. Surely they didn't jump out. Well it was no secret who 'fed' the fish, so I went into Logan's room and I asked him where the fish were. He said "in bed". As I dismantled his bed frantically trying to find the fish carcasses, he handed me a box. I opened it and saw Tiki and Ronde, wet, dead, and lying in a bed of fish food. I asked Logan why he did this. His response was "I love them and I wanted them to sleep with me.". This was so cute and well gross that I couldn't possibly be angry. He didn't understand why they died. After I attempted to explain, we had a little funeral service and flushed them away.


  1. Too funny. Oh how I look forward to Evan's curiosity!!!

  2. Awwww, that's so sweet! Poor guys for not making it though...

  3. oh, my! this is so sweet and unfortunate all at once. RIP Ronde and Tiki! (spelling?)

  4. oh geez..i'm laughing so hard i'm crying right now.

    sweet and unfortunate...trophy life put it best. :)


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