Monday, April 28, 2008

rethink the shark

I had this video on my Myspace page, and now it is making a debut on my blog. Anyone who knows me knows that I love sharks and am very passionate about the ocean and conservation. I missed my calling, I should have been an oceanographer. (We can learn so much from sharks, but that is another blog for another day.)
Over the weekend a triathlete was killed by a great white shark in California. This is fuel for the shark haters. This a tragic, unexpected, and rather unfortunate event. It isn't however not the shark's "fault". These are wild animals that do not know they are biting human flesh. They are simply hunting for survival. Whether they mistook him for a seal makes no never mind. When you go into the ocean you are going into a whole different territory. You run the risk of encountering what lives, and eats there. If you don't want to get bitten, don't go in. We go to the ocean every summer. I know that there are sharks there. I don't let my children go in past their knees. I know that sharks like to hunt in shallow water at dawn and dusk. We go mid-day and pretty much play right on shore. We try to eliminate some of the risk. Everything you do has some risk attached. That man didn't go into the ocean thinking he was going to get bitten, just as you don't drive your car thinking you are going to get hit. Life isn't worth living without the risks.
Save the shark, kill the toaster!


  1. HAHA, that is awesome!

    I also love sharks and I totally wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger, still would.

    I watch just about everything on sharks and the ocean I can. That world is just so amazing, there is so much life going on down there and when you just look at the ocean you don't even see it!

    I agree with your thoughts on shark attacks. As far as I am concerned you are in their "house". Would you just chill out in the middle of a lions den and then get pissed if they attacked you? You are in the wild, I think people forget that when they are in the ocean.

    I actually do not go in the ocean. Not neccessarily b/c the sharks and other animals, it is just more relaxing to me to look at the ocean and think then get in and worry about what is there and then get sand and salt water everywhere.

  2. LOVE sharks. however, i will say that seeing JAWS a gazillion times as a child did put just a little fear in me. i will only go into ocean water that is clear and then usually only to my knees.

    that being said... i have snorkeled (and saw a nurse shark during one excursion. granted that shark couldn't eat me...but ya know). and i love to snorkle.

    and yeah, while the attack last week was, they WERE out in the ocean (where sharks live) and they probably did look a lot like seals..which sharks eat.

    it's not as if the shark can swim up next to you, smell you and poke you a little and decide "huh, that's no seal, that's a person" and then swim off. they bite to taste. it's the law of the ocean.

  3. I am a person with a crippling fear of sharks. I was in Mexico on a banana boat and it tipped over..... the rope rapped around my leg, ripping it open and drug me under the water. Boy oh boy was I terrified. All I could think of was that seen from Finding Nemo when the shark got the sniff of blood and his eyes dialated and he went nuts. I was pretty mested up from that whole experience.

    So long story short... I don't swim with the fishes, or the sharks.

    I will admit, they do have a beautiful home though. I like to look at it from land!

  4. I just read my own blog...I will proof read it next English teacher would have a fit!
    Forgive me! That is what happens when you think faster than you can type.


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