Saturday, April 26, 2008

Must see t.v.

It's no secret that I love t.v. Some of my favorite shows are The Office, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, LOST, House, Project Runway etc., etc. There are a few shows that I don't think get a whole lot of recognition, and they're great! Here are some of those shows:

This delicious reality show has the recipe for success; two parts drama, one part talent and a dash of humor. I love to watch people cook, and I have been a die hard fan since the first season. These chefs and chef wannabes create some pretty interesting dishes (most of which I cannot even pronounce). They even have a new cookbook coming out. I will probably own this. BRAVO!

Another show for the foodies, Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. I get a cavity just watching this show. Chef Duff and the crew create masterpieces out of cake. They can literally make just about anything. Airplanes, guitars, cars, wine bottles, people, even the family pet. I enjoy seeing what they are going to create next.

Psych is about a fake psychic detective Shawn Spencer, played by cutie pie James Roday. His BFF Burton 'Gus' Guster, who oddly enough enough resembles 'Bud' from The Cosby show, is his side-kick (because every crime fighter needs a side-kick). Hired by the Santa Barbara police Department, Shawn's impressive attention to detail proves that no crime is too much for him to handle. His keen observation skills never cease to amaze the SBPD, even the skeptical Detective Carlton Lassiter. I love the little references to the 80's and 90's (that always makes me lol). I predict a hit!The Flight of the Conchords is in a word, hysterical! This musical comedy is about two New Zealand imports, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine (sans 'R') Clement, trying to make it big in NYC with their folk band. Their manager, Murray (also a Kiwi), tries to get them gigs. Their "tour bus" was a Honda Accord and their big show was at the airport if this tells you anything. Bret and Jemaine do have one loyal fan, Mel, also the president and only member of their fan club. TFOTC is kind of like Seinfeld, but with music. I am greatly anticipating the second season on HBO. Musical genius!

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  1. I couldn't agree more with all these choices!!!

    I love when they play mini-marathons of Top Chef. Even if I have seen them before I still love this show and am amazed at the dishes they come up with on the spot for their challenges!

    I heart Duff. When he giggles I giggle. Oh yeah, and he makes kick-ass cakes! I told my husband one of these years we are going to have to get a cake from them!

    I just got season 1 of Psych on DVD for my birthday! Dang season two is not out yet :( I am kinda of excited Monk and Psych will be on NBC, people need to experience how fantastic these shows are!

    My sister (blog is Skulls and Crossbones) LOVES the Flight of the Conchords. I have only listened to them a couple times, but they are funny!

    I think I love TV a bit too much!


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