Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is what was on my porch a few weeks ago. Black widows are really common around here.
I squashed her right after I took this picture...and didn't feel bad about it either. Time to spray again this year!


  1. I have the chills right now...that spider is huge! ick

  2. Gross. I hope they aren't in your house too???????

  3. No, I have never found any "in" the house. We spray every spring for spiders and roaches and all that the South has to offer. Usually I never see one spider in my house. Thank God!!

  4. If I saw one of those, somebody would probably call 911 because of the screaming they heard coming from my porch.

  5. i. hate. spiders.

    which is why i could never live in the south. apparently they grow 'em big down there.

    damn. i will have nightmares about this spider tonight. guaranteed.


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