Wednesday, April 30, 2008

100 Scenes...1-25

On the heels of T.W.I.T. and Carter Nitty Gritty, here are my 100 scenes I hope pop up as my life flashes before my eyes. I enjoyed reading theirs so much, I hope you enjoy mine. It was cool to write and reminisce.
In no particular order:

1. Being with my grandma when she passed away and telling her I love her for the last time.
2. My dad surprising me with Pittsburgh Penguins tickets and an authentic Mario Lemieux jersey. SCORE!
3. Sitting on the front porch in the summer with my mom listening to and watching a thunderstorm.
4. Seeing who can swim the most laps under water without coming up for air with my cousin Chad. (I won, every time!)
5. Seeing my husband’s face when he found out our first was a boy.
6. Getting into a car accident with my friend Melanie and having to take a Greyhound bus to Toledo. (stink, stank, stunk!)
7. Snorkeling in Key West on my honeymoon and seeing a barracuda.
8. My first roller coaster ride with my dad (The Beast at Kings Island).
9. My wedding day, and laughing nervously in front of everyone.
10. My first sleepover with my friend Kristin.
11. Hurricane Katrina, the gamut of emotions I felt. Leaving our home, getting far enough away from the storm, my phone ringing off the hook because people were worried about us, seeing it hit on TV, the incredible outpouring of donations of clothes and necessities (we only had enough for 2 days), saying goodbye to my husband because it was his job to save people, watching FOX News endlessly, celebrating my son's 2nd birthday, wondering if I had a home to go back to, seeing the aftermath first hand. I could write a book, seriously!
12. My 21st birthday, enough said.
13. Going with my mom and dad on a ‘business trip’ to Harrisburg, PA and seeing my new golden retriever puppy.
14. Driving from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon at 3 am to see the sun rise only to get lost and end up in Wikiup, AZ, somewhere in the desert. It was still beautiful!
15. Singing "Baby’s Got Back"(karaoke) at the office Christmas party. (so much fun!)
16. The birth of Hayden (12 ½ hours of labor)
17. The birth of Logan (7 hours of labor)
18. The birth of Bryn (almost 5 hours of labor)
19. Having Dairy Queen with my grandpa for the last time. (He passed away that night.)
20. Making Christmas cookies with my mom while listening to Jose Feliciano's “Feliz Navidad”.
21. Seeing Hayden get on the school bus for the first time.
22. Horseback riding on the beach in Puerto Rico, twice.
23. Christmas at my grandma and grandpa's, getting my Cabbage Patch doll.
24. 1992, voting in my first presidential election for George H. W. Bush, feeling sad that he lost
25. Seeing New Kids on the Block in Cleveland with Melanie and Andrea.

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