Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I have been eagerly anticipating this movie since it was being filmed over a year ago. I finally got to see it today and...I loved it. It's about the cyclical journey of life. Everything changes. We love and are loved and death is an eminent part of life. We cannot love without death. I compare it to Forrest Gump, another fantastic movie. It is a history lesson, a love story, a comedy, and a tearjerker complete with big name stars (Shiloh makes her big screen debut) and even a boat! Oh and the infamous feather is now a hummingbird. Perhaps the main reason I love the movie is one of it's main not Brad, New Orleans!

It was fun watching the movie and seeing all the places we "visited". In the beginning of the movie there is a cemetery where the clock maker buries his son who died in WWI. My friend Jill and I were watching them set up that scene while we ate Quiznos for lunch...we acted all nonchalant like we didn't know what was going down. It looked so fake when they were putting it up under the huge live oaks complete with Spanish moss for effect. It looked more like a Halloween decoration in someone's front yard. We also sat outside the "house on Lake Pontchartrain" where Brad (a.k.a. Benjamin) took his father. We were right there when they were filming, hoping to catch a glimpse of such luck. (We would see signs that said "CCBB" all over and we would check them out. Their trailers were parked near my grocery store") We also tried to pick out the other places we recognized, City Park, the obvious French Quarter, St. Charles Ave, even the road Brad was riding the motorcycle on looked strangely familiar.

It was especially interesting to see the clips of our local newscasters reporting on Katrina, which was also incorporated into the movie.

Even if I didn't live here I would have most definitely enjoyed the movie. But I since I do live here, I feel as though I am a part of this movie, and I love it all the more. It was Brad's "love letter" to New Orleans and the people who live here. A nice tribute that I can enjoy anytime.

It's a must see, even if you wait for DVD. Kudos Brad...I see an Oscar in your future!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Blood type horoscopes?

Found this article interesting:

Can Blood Type Determine Your Personality? ~Natalie Josef

In Japan, blood type is used to determine one’s personality and temperament. Like astrology, the scientific community often dismisses blood type as an indicator of personality, but that doesn’t stop its popularity in Japanese women’s magazines, where blood type horoscopes are published. In Japanese video games, blood type is commonly a dimension in character creation. In fact, some Japanese might even be shocked if a foreigner didn’t know her blood type.

What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality

Type O
You are the social butterflies. Often popular and self-confident, you are very creative and always seem to be the center of attention. You make a good impression on people and you’re often quite attractive. Organized and determined, your stubbornness will help you reach your goals. You make good leaders. Lovewise, O is most compatible with O and AB. Common career choices: banker, politician, gambler, minister, investment broker, and pro athlete.

Type A
Type As may seem calm on the outside, but inside, you’re filled with anxiety and worry. You’re perfectionists and often shy and sensitive. Usually introverted, you’re stable and thoughtful. You make good listeners and are sensitive to color and your surroundings. You like to be fashionable and are up on the latest trends, but never flashy or gaudy. You like romantic settings and often shun reality for fantasy worlds. A is most compatible with A and AB in the love department. Common career choices: accountant, librarian, economist, writer, computer programmer, and gossip columnist.

Type B
You can be very goal-oriented and often complete the ambitious tasks set before you. Outgoing and very charming, you’re good at reading people and providing support. Though critical of appearance (but not your own), you aren’t picky and are unlikely to dwell over the little things. Type Bs are impulsive individualists who often create their own path in life. You are very strong and optimistic. B is most compatible with B and AB lovers. Common career choices: cook, hairdresser, military leader, talk show host, and journalist.

Type AB
Not surprisingly, ABs can be quite dualistic, possessing both A and B traits. You may be shy and outgoing, and hesitant and confident. You often stand out from others, don’t like labels, and are nice and easy going. You are logical and determined to do things correctly. Usually trustworthy, you like to help others. You often speak in a serious manner. Your patience, concentration, and intelligence are admirable. AB can find a soul mate with any other blood type. Common career choices: bartender, lawyer, teacher, sales representative, and social worker.

I personally don't buy into horoscopes. They can be tailored to fit anyone. I am type A and I can find my traits in all of these, not just A.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Can anyone please tell me how to change my header?

I have been wanting a cute header. Mine is boring and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get a cute one without PAYING for it. Help if you can! I would greatly appreciate it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

YouTube sensation

I heard about this, and it is even funnier than described. Have you seen Shane Mercado dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies? If not, click here! He's good!

Political correctness gone awry

Survey found on Fox News:

Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

For some people it's a dilemma: 21 percent say they feel obligated to say "Happy Holidays" -- incorporating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and, perhaps, the Winter Solstice or the Seinfeldian Festivus into their seasonal hello.
But they are still a considerable minority. A full 77 percent of Americans say they say "Merry Christmas," according to a FOX News poll released Tuesday.
Democrats (28 percent), urbanites (28 percent) and Northeasterners (25 percent) are among those more likely to say they feel pressured to use a generic "Happy Holidays" greeting.
On the flip side, Republicans (87 percent), regular churchgoers (82 percent) and rural Americans (83 percent) are more likely to say "Merry Christmas," the poll found.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Clown Car?

We were in the Quarter Saturday night and Chad couldn't resist taking his picture with this little Euro car. Mind you he is 6'6".

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's snowing!!

I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but here in New Orleans it's HUGE!

my house : )

Outside the Superdome from Chad's phone

You are moving...get over it

Things I am hearing about my upcoming move:
-I hear you are moving to Virginia...that is great news! Why is this great news? Because I will be closer to Toledo? What difference does it make, you didn't come to visit me here what makes me think you will visit me there?
- Everything will work out, you will see. Hmmm, how so? You are one of those annoying "glass half full" people aren't you? Walk a mile in my shoes...then we'll talk.
-You will learn to love VA just as you have come to love LA. Congratulations! You have completely missed the point.
- Moving is part of Chad's job. Really, that hadn't occured to me before now!

Of course I am upset that I am moving, however that is not the issue. This issue is that I will have not one but two houses for sale and I will not be able to afford a third house (or my new car) until one or both other homes are sold. We have six months to do this. Most likely what will happen is my husband will have to move to Virginia (15+ hours away) by himself and live on base until we sell the houses. So that leaves me here in LA, with three kids, alone. I am not sure if I will be able to keep my job. I won't be able to keep the hours I currently work if I am alone. We definitely cannot afford that. Either way I am screwed. Do you see my point?
I don't handle stress well. I am literally on the verge of a nervous breakdown...throw Christmas into the mix and well you have a cocktail for disaster. Depressed doesn't even begin to cover it. So forgive me if I won't "get over it".
(Thank you for letting me vent.)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What do my wondering eyes should appear?

A lizard hanging from an ornament on my Christmas tree...

My new favorite photo:

I just love spontaneous, quirky, artsy, off center she is so freakin' adorable!

Inspiring Cultural Curiosity?

While perusing through Parent and Child magazine, I stumbled across these:

...Middle Eastern Blocks made by HABA (who actually makes some really cute toys). Seriously? Who, other than someone of Middle Eastern descent, would buy these?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Get your monogram on!

Want a unique gift for you or someone else this holiday season? Visit Lauren Nicole Gifts. Monogrammed gifts are really hot right now. I bought myself a badge reel for work and I am always getting comments on it. We are having a Secret Santa gift exchange at work and I wanted to get something unique. So I ordered some things from Lauren Nicole Gifts. Great prices and FAST shipping! Seriously fast. All the other places I checked wanted three weeks to ship. I received my items in about a week. For a personalized gift...a WEEK, that is awesome! Also when I received them they were in cute little pouches perfect for gift giving. I love this store!!
Enter freckleface as a coupon code and get 15% off your purchase! (Thanks Denise!)

Check out these super cute little things:

Badge reels

Perfect purse size mirrors

Checkbook covers

Travel tumblers

Luggage tags (These are also really cute for diaper bags!)

There are so many adorable things so check it out and don't forget to use coupon code freckleface!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have six months to New Orleans. I am deeply saddened to announce that I am Portsmouth, Virgina (20 minutes from Virginia Beach). My first question: Is Virginia a red state or a blue state? and What the hell is in Virginia? We were hoping to stay here for at least two more years. Chad is currently stationed here in New Orleans and he requested a boat in Gulfport, MS for his next duty station (only 45 minutes away). He didn't get it. We pleaded our case that we already have one house for sale (for a year now) and we can't afford to have two houses on the market. This would be a HUGE financial burden. Apparently they didn't care. I never thought they would transfer us. It costs them money to do so. I just didn't believe it. I was in complete shock, as if someone had ran over my dog. I cried myself to sleep that night. I went through the 5 stages of grief:
Denial- This isn't happening.
Anger- I am NOT going! No F*&%ing way!
Bargaining- Do you think you can talk to someone? Certainly they have made a mistake.
Depression- I couldn't speak of it for a week.
Acceptance- When are we moving?

I didn't tell my parents for a week. I couldn't say the words. My dad was happy because I will be closer to him. My mom, not so much. I will be farther from her.
I know it is a part of the job and seems like no big deal. But it is a big deal. Especially when you have kids. I was glad to move out of Toledo, who wouldn't be. We are happy here and I don't want to leave. I have compiled a list of things that I will miss about living here and the things I will not. Indulge me if you will. In no particular order:

Things I will miss:
My house (it was our house, and only ours...I'm forclempt)
My neighbors Gene and Carolyn (they are the BEST)
Ms. Marissa (she takes care of Bryn, she's a Saint!)
Jill and Ella :( my dear friends
Chris and Debbie (Bryn’s Godparents)
My job (and all my work peeps)
The French Quarter
Maspero’s French Onion soup
Nonna Randazzo’s King Cake (I dare anyone to try and top it!)
The Spirit of New Orleans…it’s just something you have to experience.
The festivals
Mardi Gras
The weather
Endless things to do
Coffee Rani (they have my favorite sandwich)
Café DuMonde (mmm beignets)
Golden Flake Sweet Heat BBQ chips
Crawfish boils
The huge live oaks with the Spanish moss

Things I will not miss:
Having to drive a good distance to just about everything
My busy street
Mardi Gras (it’s a love/hate thing)
Having to change all our physicians (it took me two years to find good ones here)
Crime (I think we have the highest crime rate in the US)
LSU fans (they are almost as bad as Michigan fans, almost)

I have come to love this place. I am proud to say that I was a part of this great city, if only for four years. We are forever linked with NOLA and we will never forget it. We know the city so well we could give tours...and do to our guests from the North. I have experienced so much here and met some wonderful people and I am thankful for all those things. My daughter was born here, she is my little Southern Belle. My kids were raised here and this is all they know.
I am leaving a piece of my heart here...I may be Northern by birth but I am a Southerner at heart.

This is a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency here

I love Christmas lights and every year I seem to add to my infinite collection. Target had a box of Philips 200 ct white lights on sale for $11.99. So I bought two of them. I figured I could always use lights. I put the two boxes on my tree and only made it half way down. I probably needed two more boxes. (Martha says to wrap the branches.) I took out my old lights and tried to connect them but much to my dismay they didn't fit. What?! The Philips plug has one large prong and one small prong. ALL of my other lights have two smaller prongs. WTF Philips!?! I had plans on watching The Grinch and letting the boys put their decorations on the tree. It was now 7:30 and I had to make the journey back to Target to get two more boxes. I get to Target and their light displays are practically cleaned out. I grabbed four boxes of 100 ct white lights and a bunch of other shit that I didn't need, $100 later I am home. My husband starts laughing. "I'm so glad I didn't do this or I would never hear the end of it!" What could he possibly be talking about? "White cords?" he says. NOOOOOOO! I didn't. I couldn't have, I read the box...didn't I? Nope. I got white cord. Curses!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My visit to Toledo went well, and fast (except the drive there and back). The trip took 17 hours, with THREE kids! Without the frequent potty stops we normally can make it in about 14-15 hours. We arrived Thursday afternoon (we left at 7 pm on Wed). We only had three full days there, enough time to see family and friends, take the kids trick-or-treating, and go to places that we miss. One of my favorite places is Barry Bagels, where I enjoyed my usual turkey on a salt bagel and a bowl of matzo ball soup. It was delish! (see image below)

Places we also went were The Anderson's, The Buckeye-Wolverine Shop, the mall (it will always be Franklin-Park), and Geno's pizza. My how things have changed. We were driving around like we were in a foreign land. Our heads bopping from one thing to another. I love how Toledo gets all the cool things once we leave.

Friday after lunch and shopping we went back to Chad's mom's house so the kids could carve pumpkins and get ready to trick-or-treat. Hayden was Jango Fett from Star Wars, Logan was a skeleton, and Bryn was a candy corn.

On Saturday my aunt threw a party for us so we could see the family all at once. It was a blast! It was also the first time everyone got to meet Bryn. Of course everyone loved her! We also got to meet Maddie, my cousin's baby girl who is one month older than Bryn.

I only got to see my best friend Melissa and her new baby Jacob for a short time. But it was nice to see her and her miracle baby even if it was for just an hour. Jacob was born at 28 weeks gestation in June.

Part of the trip was dedicated to our house for sale there. Chad had intentions of doing some more work to the house, but we didn't have enough time. He cleaned out the garage and I buried a statue of St. Joseph in the yard (if this has worked for anyone let me know). My house has been for sale for almost a year now. Fingers crossed! (Me, superstitious? No!)

All in all it was a good trip. We didn't get to see everyone or do everything, maybe next time!

Guess who's coming to the White House?

History has been made. (Notice, I didn't say WE made history. I had nothing to do with it.) Barack Obama is the new President-elect. Of course I was disappointed. I am a registered Republican, and have been since I first registered to vote in 1992. McCain was not my first choice, but he was the choice. I was not only electing the leader of my/our country. I was electing my husband's future boss. Being a military family, John McCain was the best choice for my family. He's a very respected Veteran and he understands the needs of the military and their families. Under Bill Clinton, the military did not receive ONE pay raise...for 8 years! My only hope is that President-elect Obama does not screw us like Bill Clinton screwed so many before (pun intended). I will give him the benefit of the doubt until he proves me wrong. He deserves the utmost respect, and I hill honor that. It does not matter if you agree with your president or not, (Bush haters like Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Barbra Streisand, Rosie O'Donnell, etc. etc.), you should grant them the respect they deserve as the leader of our country. UNITED WE STAND means something. Let's prove it. Congratulations Mr. Obama!

I think we can all agree that we are glad it's O.V.E.R! Yea! Now we can get back to what's important in this when LOST is going to return. It's been freakin' forever!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I love the 80's...Halloween

I love this cereal, not sure why. It's too sweet, it gets mushy as soon as you add the milk and there are not that many of the marshmallows (the best part). I have to ration the marshmallows with the cereal because once the marshmallows are gone I don't want to eat it anymore. I do like the pink milk though. We used to be able to buy it any time of the year. Now it is only available during Halloween and I can only find it at Wal*Fart. My kids love it as well but I have to buy Boo Berry and Count Chocula too. I have a pantry full of it. By next week I will have had my fix and I won't want to eat it until next Halloween.

*Is it me or does he look like Al Franken? Al Franken Berry...coincidence? I think not!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

wHatEver, mArTHa!

Meet the latest addition to my DVR schedule. Whatever, Martha! It is on the Fine Living Network, Tuesdays at 9 pm e/p. Read about the show below (taken from FLN).

Martha Stewart cooks, cleans, crafts, gardens and entertains better than anyone. Who among us hasn't, at one time or another, watched the lifestyle expert with overwhelmed awe and wished that we could say to her, Whatever, Martha! We can't, but they can! Co-hosts of the popular Sirius Satellite radio show Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer, Alexis Stewart (yes, Martha's daughter) and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt are bringing their witty, irreverent, comedic points of view to life in the Fine Living Network series Whatever, Martha! Watch as Alexis and Jennifer share their unique take on some of the domestic icon's most memorable moments from her Emmy award-winning television series, Martha Stewart Living. A combination of classic clips, original commentary, and a few unexpected surprises, Whatever, Martha! promises to shed a whole new light on the Martha Stewart you know and love.

Tune's a stitch!

It's photo time!

October is my favorite month down here in LA. It is still warm but not so humid. Last year we had our pictures taken here and I loved the scenery...right on the river with huge live oaks with moss hanging down (in true Louisiana fashion). We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day, it was picture perfect!

Wow...I am WHITE! (Actually, I prefer porcelain.) I look like a red-headed Morticia Addams.
Bryn didn't want to smile...she was trying to figure this whole thing out. She finally smiled when we were all done. That figures! Hayden likes to make goofy faces. Although he posed for the picture below. Then there is Logan, well he is my little model. Chad calls him Hansel from Zoolander. (Logan is smarter!) After the photo shoot, he demanded an orange mocha frappachino and a massage.

"Does this bow make my head look big?"

Note: Chad is crouching in this photo so as not to appear too tall, which he is. The one hand in the pocket is Hayden's signature pose.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

No time...

I have no time to blog right now. I am working all the time and when I am not working I am going to spend every waking moment with my kids. In less than two weeks we are taking a trip up to Toledo to see family. My family has not seen Bryn yet and I have two new babies up there to see too. Today we are going shopping for Halloween costumes, (Hayden is a star wars character, Logan a skeleton and Bryn is going to be a candy corn), and fall clothes. So happy blogging to all of you...I will write when I have time.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

How many giraffes have to die!?!

I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Louisiana (the greater New Orleans area), this purse (or styles similar) are EVERYWHERE! Now when Dooney and Burke first came out with this I thought it was cute, not me but still cute. I am all for trends but this has gone too far! I feel like I am on a freaking safari at the the store. How many giraffes can I spot? I loathe this purse. I want to call up the people at D&B and give them an ear full. Thanks to you D&B I now hate giraffes!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I am my father's daughter

Two things I don't usually speak about: politics and religion for obvious reasons. Well today I am going to break that rule due to an ignorant email I received from my mother. I have no choice, I must defend my point of view. There are so many that clearly don't know what the hell they are talking about. I read the bogs and twitters. I do not have a problem if you have a political belief different from mine. What I have a problem with is those that don't have the foggiest idea what they are talking about. They don't have a freaking clue. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

My father is a republican and my mother is a democrat, at least this week she is. My paternal grandfather was a HUGE democrat. He despised Ronald Reagan, who BTW was one of the best presidents this country ever elected. Being the staunch democrat he was, I don't think he would vote for Obama. The other day I sent my mother an Obama/Palin joke via email. It was just a light hearted email, poking fun at both sides. The title of said email was "Some people will do anything to get elected" and the image:

Funny right? She responded by saying: "Yes, they will, even endorsing a twit like Palin as your VP thinking that she would be an adequate substitute for Hillary!!!!!!". THIS PISSED ME OFF. Well mom, do you think she is a "twit" because you have a valid opinion about her politics or because that is how the largely liberal media portrays her? I think the latter. May I remind you that 8 years ago you supported Bush and 4 years after that? Yep, Bush. And as far as Hilary goes, people are sick of the Clintons. Hilary didn't get the nom nor was she chosen for Veep...GET OVER IT!

The following is an email I just received,written by my father. My comments are in color.

As I sit here knowing that my retirement fund is going down the tubes in the market, I hear Nancy Pelosi talk about how Congress is going to eliminate spending. Yeah... well me too bitch! I hear Obama, (spell check suggests I change it to Osama), use FDR's famous words.. "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." WTF is he talking about? What is this man of Arab decent... NO he's not Africa American... he's more white than black and definitely mostly Arab, talking about? F--- him. And I still cannot believe that anyone who isn't black (Arab) would vote for him. That's right... blacks think he's black. That they will vote for him because they think he's black is not racist. So they tell me.

If you tell a black person that you are not voting for Obama, he assumes you are a racist.

McCain was never my choice. I had my favorites but McCain was down the list. But the fact is, NOBODY can question that McCain is an American who has and would do anything for her. I thought... okay hoped, that Sarah Palin would wake women up... I'm guessing that she didn't.

Watch The View much? They hate her more than they hate McCain. Ambivalent sexism!

Now I'm going to go all feminist on you. Young white women, I'm speaking generalities, seem to think that they won't be thought of as racist if they vote for Obama. He's 'cute' (time out while I gag), and young, and he will bring us together. BS!! The man has never done anything that would bring us together and has surrounded himself with anti-Americans and terrorists. He is the most liberal member of Congress. WTF... wake the F UP!

I'm not concerned about myself. I'm much too old to care about what may happen to me. But I do care very much about my children, their children, and I care about my country. We are moving so rapidly toward socialism that it isn't funny. Communism with a little bit of a conscience. I watched the debate the other night and loved the guy who was MAD. He has a right to be. He was spot on! Obama has to be exposed for what he is.

Multi-billionaires like George Soros are funding him as well as organizations outside the U.S. George Soros?? Never heard of him? Well he's the guy who funds Move America Forward. Check out their website! Code Pink.. check there's out too. This rich bastard is about to have his way with America... and its citizens don't even know who he is. Take a look at who is supporting this man... terrorist leaders have endorsed him!

I saw a segment on Fox today... one of the reporters went to a rock concert and interviewed various people who were in attendance. He had 8x10 photos of various politicians... only one knew who Joe Biden was. At least one thought he was McCain. Sarah Palin... "I can't remember her name." Nancy Pelosi... no clue. Judge Judy... everybody knew her. These people have the right to vote. Guess who they like?

These are people who let Hollywood dictate who they should vote for. People who are incapable of coming up with their own point of view. They seek their political advice from Mtv. I boycotted Mtv 4 years ago. Still have not watched it. (OK, I do let my kids watch Nickelodeon, which is the same company. Sue me)

ACORN... have you heard about them? I'm sure you guys in Ohio have. Padding the voter registration list for Obama. Were you aware that he worked for them? He represented them as their attorney. Your Secretary of State (democrat) says he doesn't have enough time to fix the problem. GO TO JAIL.. GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL.. DO NOT PASS GO!

They interviewed a guy on Fox who registered 60 times for ACORN... he was paid to do it!

We're going to be robbed in this election... not by the BS like 'hanging Chad's' that the democrats cried about in the last election... but by a concerted effort by anti-American organizations who are going to jam the box for Obama and misguided Americans who have no clue.

I'm also sick and tired of hearing "Bush's failed economic policies". During his 2 terms we had the best of times. A year from the end the housing bubble burst and everything went to hell. What caused it? Congress ignored what was happening. They heard the regulator saying this is going to be a huge problem and said, "we don't see it." Now they just lie about it and blame Bush. I have come to believe that the democrats let it happen for the purpose of taking back the white house. Everything went to hell when the democrats took control of Congress. All you have to do is look at the record.

Gun owners... hide 'em. Obama is coming after them. Buy more ammo now!

Preaching to the choir. If I've offended anyone... well frankly I don't care! Neither do I.

This deserves the slow clap in my opinion.

{Now I am sure that you are all itching to comment. Be forewarned, only comment if you have something legitimate and intelligent to add. Otherwise I will ignore it.}

Monday, October 6, 2008

I am obsessed...

...with these sunglasses.

They are Escada and I found them on sale for a mere $166. I LOVE THEM. I was watching The Starter Wife on USA and Debra Messing (my celeb look-a-like) was wearing them. If they look good on her then they must look good on me!

To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

You down with OCD? Yeah you know me!

Another weekend went by and was completely ruined, but I have clean door knobs and base boards! I have been very stressed out lately. I have way too much going on in my life and I don't think I can handle much more. I just wonder why all these things are happening to me, and in turn my OCD gets worse. I have a tendency to blame myself for everything. I can't explain it.

Chad left Saturday morning for the Talladega race on Sunday and I decided that this weekend was going to be about the kids. Saturday I had to hurry up and go to the grocery store before Chad left. I bought all kinds of fun food to eat over the weekend. I took them shopping, with their own money, and they bought some new toys and books. Hayden had a football game later that day so after the game I took them to Sonic for a drink (mmm Ocean Water) and then home for pizza. We made pizza and then I planned to watch a movie with them. Any movie they wanted. Hayden is into natural disasters; hurricanes, tornadoes, and now volcanoes. (He learned about Pompeii in school and is reading about it in a book he bought. He is mommy's little genius!) I saw on SciFi that there was a tornado movie on so we decided to watch it. We got our jammies on and they got their pillows and blankets. They love to "camp out" in the living room. I made them hot pretzels and I turned the movie on. Instead of enjoying this moment with my kids, I fixated on the salt spilling onto the couch, my feet were dirty from my flop flops, I needed to unload the dishwasher, the floor needs swept, clothes need folding, etc. etc. etc. I was getting upset with all those trivial things before I knew it the boys were asleep. I felt really bad. Then it took me about 45 minutes to get ready for bed. Checking locks, my nightly rituals, taking the dogs out, checking locks, making sure I had my phones, checking locks....Chad usually does most of these things.

Sunday was here and I thought REDEMPTION. I will make it up to them. I decided that chores can wait. But then I started to panic, I have to do laundry, I have to clean out the fridge, I need to get the Halloween decorations down, I have to get the garbage out, etc etc etc. I even made them homemade chicken noodle soup and cupcakes. They sat at the table alone and ate while I did chores and they went to bed without eating a cupcake because I got mad at them for splashing water on the bathroom floor during their bath. Now it is 9:30 pm, and I just finished cleaning the bathrooms. I called my husband and blamed him for all this because he left me with all this crap to do. Yes he could have helped me before he left, but it wasn't his fault. I wish that I could let things go. I can still look around and find something that needs to be done, and the sad thing is I may do it tonight. I am so tired of this shit. I was doing so well for the longest time. I had managed it, but it has reared it's ugly head and I am once again tortured. Life just keeps passing me by and I am stuck here holding the sponge. Tomorrow I told myself that I am going to hold Bryn all day. I love to hold her and watch TV and let her fall asleep on me. She won't want to do this much longer and I will regret not doing it. My life seems to be filled with regrets and not memories. I think I need therapy again, but I don't have time. I don't even watch TV anymore. I can't concentrate. I am so frustrated. I don't have anyone to talk to, my mom doesn't understand and she is too busy for me and Chad doesn't get it. As far as everyone else, they have their own lives. So I blog. I need to take a cue from Susan Powter and STOP THE MADNESS!

Simply yummy!

This stuff is almost as good as my mom's homemade lemonade. Just add crushed ice and some lemon slices, shake it up and you are good to go. For a twist, add some Bacardi or vodka and some mint sprigs too. Yum!

Word of the day: From the Tim Gunn/Michael Kors dictionary

1: clothed in vivid colors
2 a: excessively or disturbingly vivid b: offensively or distressingly bright : glaring 3: tastelessly showy : flashy

ex: The house down the street was garishly decorated for Christmas.

I punched holes in my kid's ears!

I have been struggling with the decision to get Bryn's ears pierced for a couple months now. One would think that I was making a major life changing decision, such as what to do with the housing market. Having two boys this is new to me so I polled many people to get opinions, most of which said DO IT. I even asked her pediatrician who recommended Claire's in the mall. He said it is completely fine after 4 months. Then why am I so worried about it? If the doctor said it's okay then it must be okay, right? It can't be any worse than watching her get her shots.

I want to do it while she is young is so she won't remember the torture that her mother put her mine did. Here is where I sound like Sophia Petrillo, of Golden Girl fame. Picture it, Lion Store, 1977. I was two years old. My mother dragged me into the jewelry section and seated me upon the big stool. I remember it vividly, the sound and the shear terror I felt as the sting of metal pierced my tiny ear lobe. I jumped off that stool so fast and ran into a fitting room and stood on top of the chair so nobody could see my feet. I was pretty clever for two! When they finally found me, I refused to let that witch touch me (the jewelry clerk not my mom). My mom took me home where my aunt ended up piercing my other ear, she at least numbed it first!

There you have it, my ear piercing horror story. I would have my aunt do it but we don't live anywhere near her. Instead I am going to the mall...where some 18 year-old girl with a GED, who cannot form a sentence without saying "ya know", "like" or "totally", and has her ass hanging out of her pants, will punch holes in my daughter's ears. (I think i may have misused a comma)

I broke the news to Chad that we will in fact be piercing Bryn's ears. Oh and he had to hold her too. My argument is that I always take her for shots. Surprisingly he was okay with this. I picked out her cute little earrings and the girl placed small purple dots on her lobes and I made sure that they were even. I turned my head and then *CLICK*. She started screaming, more from the sound I think. I was tearing up and some woman shopping came over to comfort me and said "she is doing great". I felt like an idiot. Here my kid is getting her ears pierced and I am crying. *CLICK* and she is all done. Chad and I comforted her and viola, she looked so pretty!

After...with tears in her eyes

She looks so pretty!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman 1925-2008

Today we mourn the loss of actor, philanthropist and race car driver, Paul Newman.

I found out via text message while I was at work today. I said to my co-worker (who is 23):
Awww, Paul Newman died. How sad.
To which she replied:
I loved him in Grumpy Old Men.
Ahhh, no that would be Jack Lemmon...he's dead too though.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Word of the day (from the Tim Gunn Dictionary)


1: a very steep or overhanging place
2: a hazardous situation ; broadly : brink

Used in a sentence:
On the precipice of a financial meltdown, a bailout deal has been reached.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Always in search of the perfect lip gloss

Target unveiled three new make-up collections: Pixi, JK Jemma Kidd, and NP Set. I love make-up and I love buying it even more. I must have a dozen or so lip glosses. (It's an addiction)

I was there for the usual diapers, formula, and a basket full of crap that I don't need when this make up caught my eye. There was so much to choose from. I wound up purchasing another lip gloss. I got the Pixi Vitamin Lip Silk in Flora. I am always in search of the perfect lip gloss. I need a lip gloss that when the wind blows my hair doesn't stick to my lips, that last more than 30 minutes, that doesn't look like my lips are bleeding pink goo, that doesn't leave that disgusting white gunk behind that is only noticeable when I smile, and most of all that looks natural! I'll give this a try.

In my make-up drawer:

Lip sticks, glosses and balms...OH MY!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stylish baby bibs

I found these super stylish baby bibs:

Because when Bryn pukes, she needs to look good!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Be a part of my entourage won't you?

Follow me!

Damn you Gustav!

~New Landscaping: $150

~A new front door: $700

~Food to replace two freezers and the refrigerator: $850

~Repairs to my truck that broke down while evacuating: $7,500
*It would have broken down regardless, but it's nice to place blame on something else.

~The look on my face right now...PRICELESS!

Yeah, these priceless things are way overdone...Sorry!

Christmas shopping...already!

I have started my Christmas shopping early this year. You know, as opposed to my normal freaking out the week of because I have forgotten something. I decided it was in my best interest to get a head start. My boys are relatively easy. We usually get one big thing for them to share and then they get a bunch of individual things (toys, clothes, books, DVDs, games, etc.). Last year they got a trampoline, this year we bought them a Wii. We bought it early because we knew that closer to Christmas they would be hard to come by. It was hard enough to find one now! I am however having difficulty buying for my daughter, who will be 9 1/2 months around Christmas. She doesn't really understand the holiday, nor does she really care about presents. The other night she played with a napkin for 20 minutes. Hmmm, one pack of Mardi Gras napkins?? I am not going to go crazy this year for her but I want to get her something that she could enjoy for a while. I also want something that is organic and educational. Tall order, I know. Well I have been doing a little online shopping, as I usually do, and I came across some great options.

I love those stacker toys, but they are usually plastic. I found this soft stacker that is made with pretty fabric that makes a crinkly sound and each ring has a bell or a rattle in it. Great for hand-eye coordination and pretty adorable too!

What baby doesn't love a stuffed animal? This little pig is so cute and he is made with 100% organic cotton, stuffed with wool, and the dyes are non-toxic. I won't have to worry about her chewing on it. How cute is he?

From the same people that make the soft stacker, is this soft block set. I loved playing with blocks as a kid and these are great for babies and they are pretty!

Organic fruit basket, with plush fruit, is great for teething. Made with 100% organic Egyptian cotton. How cute! They also have a little veggie crate.
Another great thing about all these toys, they are machine washable. That is a huge plus!
Let the shopping begin!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This blog is brought to you by the letter M

Logan is in kindergarten and his homework for Monday was to draw the letter M, upper and lower case. Then he was to draw something in the picture box that started with the letter M. He drew boobs. Yeah, that's right, boobs! Chad's response: "No, they don't start with M." Well, actually they do start with the letter M, Mammaries. I couldn't help but laugh, but of course I had to turn my head. Chad made him color over it otherwise it would have accompanied this post. ; )

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The boys are back!

That's right people...The Kings of Leon are back! Their new album drops September 23rd and they are the musical guest on Saturday Night Live next Saturday(Sept. 20). I already have their new song downloaded from iTunes. Love 'em!


Click here to see the SNL skit.

Is immitation the sincerest form of flattery?

Although Saturday Night Live isn't what it used to be, I love it during election time. It's equal opportunity political humor at its best. If you didn't see this last night click here.
Tina Fey does a spot on impression of Gov. Sarah Palin. I have always loved Amy Poehler's "Hilary", but the two together...fantastic! It takes me back to the Bush/Kerry skits on SNL that I hold so dear!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Salvation Army

On my way into work this morning I saw a fleet of Salvation Army trucks headed to help our neighbors in Texas (Houston is 4 hours away). Not only that but when Chad was working during Gustav, they were there to hand out cold drinks and snacks. I will definitely be making a charitable donation to the Salvation Army this Christmas!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

As Hurricane Ike bears down on Texas, here in Louisiana we are feeling the effects. We are on the Eastern side, which is the bad side. Areas here are flooding and the winds are really blowing. The wind woke me up last night it was so loud. Logan thought a ghost was in his room because it was howling and whistling. My boys are scared and want to leave. C tried to explain that it isn't coming here. They just know Katrina, and it freaks them out. They don't want their house to blow away. :(
Mayor of NOLA, Ray Nagin, has offered up hotels in the city. Just ask for the "Ray Nagin special". He said that this will be the cheapest that you will be able to visit NOLA. What a guy! I say that with the utmost sarcasm!
Be safe Texas!! I pray that it isn't as bad they forecast.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

On the road again...

Well I am finally going home. I don't have power as of yet or a vehicle. I found out that my engine seized, somehow oil was leaking. Yeah, that sucks! My dad is letting me use his truck to get home. He has a motorcycle and he will drive that until he can come down and get his truck. Plus I will be able to drive his truck around and not have to worry about getting to work. As far as the power thing goes, crews are diligently working on it. I hope it will be back on by the time I get there. We do have generator but our well is not hooked up to it. We will have to get that wired into it.
It seems these damn hurricanes are following me. Hanna is coming this way (NC). Ike is not far behind, and could possibly make it's way into the Gulf (but let's not think that).
I think I must have pissed Karma off!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Making the best of it

I have been taking the kids swimming everyday to keep them busy. They have been through a lot and I am trying to make it up to them the best I can. My dad's neighbor has been so kind to let us use the pool. They love it!

I think our next house will have to have a pool!